Welcome to the 5-Tier "Set-For-Life" Lottery!

Secure your financial future with weekly cash prizes for 25 years!

Choose Your Path to Financial Freedom

Our 5-tier Set-For-Life lottery offers five incredible prize tiers, each with its own separate pool of participants. Choose the entry fee and prize level that best suits your desires and budget:

  1. Tier 1: Win $25 per week for 25 years (Entry fee: )
  2. Tier 2: Win $50 per week for 25 years (Entry fee: )
  3. Tier 3: Win $100 per week for 25 years (Entry fee: )
  4. Tier 4: Win $250 per week for 25 years (Entry fee: )
  5. Tier 5: Win $500 per week for 25 years (Entry fee: )

Experience the Excitement

With one game per month, you have multiple opportunities to enter and win throughout the year. Each tier has its own pool of 100,000 participants and 10 winners, giving you better chances of winning a prize that will transform your life.

Live Your Dreams

Imagine a life free from financial worries. With the 5-tier "Set-For-Life" lottery, you can invest in your dreams, support your family, and finally take that dream vacation you've always wanted. Choose the tier that's right for you and join the 5-tier LIFE49 lottery today.

Play Responsibly

Remember to play within your means and set limits to ensure a fun and responsible gaming experience. If you need support, our friendly team and responsible gambling organizations are here to help.

Are You Ready to Change Your Life?

Join the 5-tier LIFE49 lottery today and start your journey towards a brighter financial future.