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What is ICL?

The International Community Lottery (ICL) is the world's first blockchain peoples' number lottery system. It is the very first true application based on the Lottery2.0© framework.

ICL is the Original International Crypto Numbers Lottery System Developed for the benefit of Internation al Community. ICL is unlike other Lottery models in the world, in more ways than previously imagined. It is intended to bring luck to the world every midnight, and share wealth with people. ICL is a community wealth sharing ecosystem. A fair and transparent blockchain wonder!

ICL promises equal equity and equal opportunity to everybody. ICL Token holders are the shareholders of this ecosystem.

How can I create a user profile on ICL549?

To create a user profile on ICL549, simply visit our website and click on the "Sign Up" or "Register" button. Follow the on-screen instructions to provide your details and set up your profile. Once registered, you'll have access to all the features and games on the platform.

How does ICL549 ensure fairness in its lottery system?

ICL549 employs a transparent and tamper-proof blockchain system to conduct its lottery draws. The use of blockchain technology ensures that all lottery results are publicly verifiable and cannot be manipulated, guaranteeing fairness to all participants.

What is the process for claiming lottery winnings on ICL549?

Claiming your lottery winnings on ICL549 is straightforward. If you win, you'll receive an email notification. You can then log in to your ICL549 account, go to the winnings section, and follow the steps to claim your prize. Your winnings will be deposited into your account wallet.

Can I participate in ICL549 from any country?

ICL549 is proud to offer its services to participants from a wide range of countries. Our platform operates under the licensing and regulatory framework of Curacao, which covers approximately 184 countries. This means that residents of many countries around the world can join and enjoy the benefits of ICL549. However, it's essential to be aware of your local laws and regulations regarding online lotteries and gambling. We respect the sovereignty of nations and aim to operate within the boundaries of international laws. Please review your local laws and ensure that participating in our platform aligns with the regulations in your country.

What are the benefits of holding F49 tokens long-term?

Holding F49 tokens long-term can be a lucrative investment strategy. The system is designed to increase the market value of F49 tokens over time, offering the potential for significant returns for token holders.

How can I become an affiliate marketer for ICL549?

Becoming an affiliate marketer for ICL549 is easy. You can sign up as an affiliate on the platform, obtain your unique referral link, and start inviting friends and family to join. Earn rewards for every referral and help grow the ICL549 community.

What security measures are in place to protect user accounts and funds?

ICL549 prioritizes the security of user accounts and funds. We employ industry-standard encryption protocols and multi-factor authentication to safeguard accounts. Additionally, user funds are stored in secure wallets to prevent unauthorized access.

How can I contact ICL549's customer support team?

You can reach out to our dedicated customer support team by visiting the "Contact Us" section on our website. We're here to assist you with any inquiries or issues you may have regarding the platform.

What are the advantages of participating in ICL549's community contests?

ICL549's community contests offer participants a chance to win prizes without the need for initial capital. These contests promote inclusivity and engagement within the platform, allowing a wide range of users to participate and win.

Is ICL549 involved in charitable activities or initiatives?

Yes, ICL549 is committed to giving back to communities. We plan to engage in charitable activities and support humanitarian causes to make a positive impact on impoverished communities worldwide.

What is the vision for the future of ICL549?

The vision for ICL549 is to become a global leader in blockchain-based lottery and gaming systems. We aim to continually innovate, expand our offerings, and create a thriving community of users and stakeholders committed to financial empowerment and positive change.

What is the difference between the mainnet and the ICL549 network?

The mainnet refers to the primary Ethereum blockchain, while the ICL549 network is a separate blockchain designed specifically for our platform. You can move funds between these networks using ICL549's tools and transact seamlessly.

How does ICL549 ensure the stability of the F49 token's value?

ICL549 actively monitors the performance of the F49 token and uses established price calculations to exchange it for other popular cryptocurrencies at optimal rates. This helps maintain the stability of the F49 token's value.

Can I participate in ICL549's test phases, and what are the benefits of doing so?

ICL549 conducts test phases (Charlie, Bravo, Alpha) where a select number of users can play the games for free and win substantial prizes. This allows testers to contribute to perfecting the platform and provides an opportunity to earn rewards.

How can I get involved in decisions related to regulation and compliance on ICL549? plays a crucial role in engaging the user base in decisions related to regulation and compliance. As a user, you can actively participate in discussions and decisions that impact the platform's regulatory framework.

What licenses and certifications does ICL549 hold to ensure its legitimacy and security?

ICL549 is committed to regulatory compliance and is registered and licensed in Curacao or a similar regulatory body. Additionally, the platform is certified by iTechLabs for its RNG (Random Number Generator) mechanisms to ensure fairness.

What is the purpose of the "Rise to Power" and "Rise to Riches" campaigns?

The "Rise to Power" and "Rise to Riches" campaigns are designed to bring users onboard and allow them to invest in tokens. These campaigns strike a balance between building a healthy user base and securing the capital needed for the platform's operations and growth.

How can ICL549 contribute to humanitarian causes and impoverished communities?

ICL549 is committed to creating a community of investors, players, recruiters, and affiliates who collectively aim to improve economic conditions. The platform plans to invest in impoverished areas and engage in charitable initiatives to make a positive impact.

Can I trade F49 tokens on external cryptocurrency exchanges?

Yes, you can trade F49 tokens on major cryptocurrency exchanges. ICL549 aims to list the token on platforms like Coinbase, Binance, and others, allowing users to trade and participate in the broader cryptocurrency market.

How can I actively shape the future of ICL549 as a community member?

As a valued member of the ICL549 community, you can actively engage in decisions, discussions, and initiatives that shape the platform's future. Your input and participation are crucial in building a vibrant and successful ecosystem.

What is Five49?

Five49 is the name of the lottery game ICL offers to the world. Each day ICL provides an opportunity for people to play Five49 to win big. Players pick 5 numbers from 1-49 inclusive. The entry fee is charged using F49 tokens. Players trade their F49 tokens to wager for the Jackpot. Every midnight, the system draws 5 random numbers. Players with matching set of numbers win the jackpot. See full game details Here

What are the statistics of Five49?

The probability of win is 1 in 1,906,884. We believe this is a realistic and practical chance. The risk vs reward for each play entry is 1 token for 635,628 tokens.

How do I convert F49 Tokens to ETH?

Members of ICL can swap their F49 tokens to Ether from their profile page. The system allows members to Buy, Sell, Send and Withdraw their funds. This way players who win F49 tokens can easily convert their payout to Ether and withdraw their Ether to their personal wallets. The process is very easy and cost-effective.

ICL guarantees a minimum Token price of 7968.76 Gwei. Another words, ICL guarantees a minimum token value of one F49 token == 0.00000796876 Ether! The maximum is not fixed, allowing the stakeholders to profit simply by owning the F49 token. We estimate the average price of one F49 token to reach 79687.62 Gwei per token by 2026.

How long will my winnings take to reach my account?

The system pays out all winners, within 24 hours post the draw date. The system will notify the winners via email. The winners are subject to a human verification questionnaire. Successful winners will receive their winnings deposited to their system wallet. Once your tokens are deposited into your account wallet, you have the option of converting your winnings to Ether right from your profile page, and withdraw your funds as you wish!

How does the ticket processing system work in F49 while maintaining a cost of 5 cents per play?

The ticket processing system in F49 is designed to maintain a cost of 5 cents per play, regardless of the size of the jackpot or the number of players. To achieve this, the system calculates the daily price of each play based on the cost of maintaining the system and other operational expenses, and sets it to 5 cents. Once the daily price has been set, the system begins processing that day's queue of ticket requests at 1:00:00 GMT.

Each ticket is processed in the order it was requested, so long as the user has enough F49 tokens in their wallet to cover the cost of the play. If a user's balance is insufficient to cover all of their pending ticket requests, the system will cancel all of those tickets for that day. This ensures that users are only charged for plays that they can afford, and that the system is able to maintain its cost of 5 cents per play.

Users are also allowed to cancel any play tickets up to but not past 19:00:00 GMT for a full refund of tokens, minus any applicable system transaction fees. This allows players to adjust their numbers or choose to play on future games, without losing their tokens. The system automatically debits the user's account for the cost of any play tickets according to the mechanism described above.

How do members profit?

The ICL ecosystem provides a multi profit sharing subsystem. There are 4 opportunities available for all community members. The first method of profiting is to participate in the curated games. Winning the Jackpot is the way to profit Big. The second method of profiting from the ecosystem is to participate in free daily contests. This allows for members to participate in the ecosystem without capital.

This allows people of all walks of life to have a chance at winning mini jackpots. The third method for earning tokens is to participate in affiliate marketing. Everyone is encouraged to invite friends and family, thereby grow the community. Everyone will be rewarded accordingly. The fourth method (and the most secure) is to simply own and hold F49 tokens. The ICL system guarantees a minimum value. The system is designed to progressively increase its market value.

The Token contract's balance is systematically increased, without a fixed ceiling. Theoretically The value of F49 tokens will only increase with time. We recommend Token owners, to diversify their investment by utilizing all 4 methods of profiting.

Can I trade F49 tokens outside the ICL ecosystem?

Yes, Absolutely! The ICL Token will be publicly traded on all Major Exchanges. We aim to be included on exchanges such as CoinBase, Binance, NiceHash, etc. We want the entire world to participate in this international ecosystem. The freedom is yours to practice. We only strive to raise the value of the system so everybody can benefit from the system's growth.

What are the specifications of the F49 Token?

The F49, is an ERC20 compliant Ethereum smart contract. The token is defined with the following specifications:

Who can participate in ICL 5/49?

Everybody is welcome. We welcome all peoples of the world to participate in this ecosystem. Though we refrain from imposing any restrictions of our own, We require each participant to be of legal age according to their national laws. We respect people and the sovereignty of nations to the utmost degree. In this spirit, ICL willingly participates and abides by any sovereign laws and thus may reserve the rights to deny services as per international laws. Please review your local laws and be respectful of their mandates. We appreciate your understanding and wise participation.

How do you calculate the market value of one ICL (F49) Token?

The market value (price per Ether) of ICL Token is calculated using this formula:
market value = (Eth Balance / Circulating Supply) + % demand.
% demand = (24hour circulation / Circulating Supply)

Additionally, the token is guaranteed to have a minimum Ether balance of 100.0 ETH. Therefore,
minimum market value = (100.0 Eth / 12,549,000,000 F49)
minimum market value of one F49 Token is equal to 0.00000796876 Ether.

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