Welcome to Crypto-Elevator!

Win big with a top prize of $50,996 and better odds than ever!

Experience the Thrill of Elevator

Elevator is a limited-pool game, providing you with better odds compared to traditional games. With a variety of entry levels, each offering exciting rewards, you have an exciting chance to win big! The more you play, the more chances you have to win!

Entry Levels, Fees, and Prizes

How to Play

Playing Elevator is simple:
  1. Choose the entry level that suits you.
  2. Pay the entry fee and request for the elevator - this generates a play contract with a unique "level id".
  3. If your "level id" corresponds to the game's "serve id", you win the corresponding prize!
  4. If the game goes uncontested for a day, the next day's game will respond to more "serve ids", increasing your chances of winning.

Don't Miss Out!

Join the Elevator game today and get a chance to reach the top! Good luck!

Play Responsibly

Remember to play within your means and set limits to ensure a fun and responsible gaming experience. If you need support, our friendly team and responsible gambling organizations are here to help.