What About Us?

Discover The Difference Between The Old & The New

Our Vision

At ICL549, we envision a future where gaming is not just about fun, but also about contributing to the global community. Our mission is to revolutionize the way games of chance are perceived and played, aiming to reduce international poverty and foster economic growth amongst our players.

Born from the innovative framework of Lottery2.0, ICL549 offers a unique, community-based platform that is built around our native F49 ERC20 token. This token serves as a wealth-sharing mechanism, allowing users to hold equity and see their net worth grow as the platform's revenue increases.

Our Mission

Our curated games of chance are designed with realistic odds and minimal entry fees, providing players with genuine opportunities to elevate their economic standing. Furthermore, we also offer daily free-entry contests with mini prizes, allowing participation without gambling.

We pledge to donate 10% of our net revenues to poverty reduction charities, and our operational efficiency enables us to operate on just 10% of net revenues. The remaining 80% is dedicated to increasing the value of our tokens, further enhancing the wealth of our userbase.

Our philosophy is founded on the belief in community wealth growth over personal profit. We aim to create a ripple effect of prosperity by offering games that help lift people out of poverty, instead of dangling unattainable jackpots with astronomical odds. We firmly believe that the greater good outweighs personal gain, choosing a model that benefits all 8 billion people rather than catering to just a few.

At ICL549, our battle cry is to transform the world of games of chance, making it a powerful tool to uplift people's economic conditions.

The Inspiration

What inspires ICL549 is the simple power of Chance . Giving someone a chance is creating the opportunity to experience luck. That's the driving force behind our games of chance – they are not just games, but opportunities for individuals to change their lives for the better.

But why blockchain? The answer is transparency, equity, and accessibility. The blockchain allows us to share our revenue with our users through our native F49 ERC20 token. Traditional shares would entangle users in the 'red tape' that has historically exacerbated economic disparity, but with blockchain, we can break down those barriers and share the wealth.

ICL549 is designed as an alternative for those who play games of chance for entertainment. We acknowledge that we can't change whether or not people gamble, but we are determined to change the outcomes of their gamble. Unlike traditional games of chance where the 'House' profits from players' net losses, at ICL549, the community is the benefactor. The net loss of the players becomes the net revenue of the community, creating a unique and revolutionary model that is focused on wealth redistribution and poverty alleviation.

Our Distinction

ICL549 stands out from the crowd with its community-centric model, a stark contrast to the traditional 'House vs Players' structure found in most gaming platforms. Here, we foster a space where members can be both players and benefactors - there's no discrimination, only a sense of shared purpose and benefit.

We've reimagined the most popular games from traditional platforms, improving them on three fronts: reduced entry fees, increased winning odds, and more generous prizes. Moreover, we offer these enhanced games through daily contests, free of charge, with mini prizes at stake - a feature that no other platform provides.

One more tier of uniqueness is our built-in affiliate marketing tools. These tools empower our users to expand the community, with new members receiving complimentary tokens upon registration and recruiters earning laddered rewards . Our aim is to improve lives regardless of financial situations. The only entry barrier we have is two thumbs and 5 minutes of internet access.

Further distinguishing ICL549 is our commitment to philanthropy. Unlike other platforms, we allocate a portion of our revenue to charity donations and poverty reduction initiatives . Whereas other platforms need gambling help resources due to the financial degradation of their clients , we focus on ensuring that the net loss of players becomes the net gain of the community. This paradigm shift paints a stark contrast to traditional platforms, showcasing the transformative potential of ICL549.

Our Guiding Values

At the heart of ICL549 are the values we hold dear:

These principles guide every decision we make and every game we offer, as we remain committed to our mission of using the power of chance to make a positive impact on the world.